Kenneth Stalder

Dr Kenneth Stalder

Professor, Iowa State University

Dr Kenneth Stalder grew up on a small diversified farm in Southeast Iowa. Dr Stalder received his Associates degree in Farm Operations from Iowa State University in 1985. Stalder decided to continue his education and entered the Animal Science program at Iowa State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987. Dr Stalder began his professional career as a Livestock Production Specialist for a large cooperative in Northeast Iowa. Stalder earned his M.S. degree in Agriculture at Western Kentucky University in 1992. Dr Stalder returned to his alma mater to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Animal Breeding under the guidance of Dr Lauren Christian. Stalder earned Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics, and a minor in Immunobiology from Iowa State in 1995. Stalder served as Extension Swine Specialist and researcher at the University of Tennessee from 1995 until July 2003. Stalder was able to return to his roots joining the Department of Animal Science staff at Iowa State as an Extension Swine Specialist and researcher in the summer of 2003. He currently holds the rank of Professor. His research focuses on economically important management and genetic factors influencing pork production, in particular sow longevity and productivity. Dr Stalder has published widely on these subjects and has spoken to producer and scientific groups both in the US and internationally. Much of his work has been widely adopted by the swine industry throughout the world.

Session: Genetic improvement of sow longevity and its economic impact on commercial pork production